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Are you generating waste that has to be eliminated according to your municipality’s garbage disposal regulations? Did you know that every business, public human facility, public service, government agency, and industrial establishment produces waste? In some cases, they create trash every hour on the hour. Even if you only spend one day at home for the next week, you’ll have at least two bags full of home trash. Regardless of your determination, there is no way to stop generating waste.

How Much Trash Do You Generate Each Day?

Do you frequently drive in the countryside? If yes, ensure you assess the roadways for garbage signs the next time you visit. In rural areas, less trash is thrown away along roads than in cities, metropolis, or urban areas. Why is this? There’s a higher degree of human activity in built-up regions compared to rural areas, where population density is low.

In 2018, the United States generated 292.4 million tons of waste. If broken down into smaller pieces, each person living within the United States generated 4.9 pounds of waste in the year 2018, by the US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA.”

How To Reduce Your Monthly Waste Collection Bill?

Do you want to reduce the cost of your monthly garbage collection by at least 50 percent? Well, you can make a few lifestyle adjustments. You, like every other human in the world, generate an amount of garbage. The amount of waste a creates changes continuously. In one month, you create 4.20 pounds of trash; the following month, you create slightly more than that at 4.50 pounds. Can you be more consistent in the amount of garbage you throw away every day? Sure, but it will not be effortless.

With strong dedication, anyone can reduce their waste production to at least 25 percent. This will not be an easy task, but it’s doable if you set your mind. The result is fewer waste collection bills.

Our Cost-Efficient Waste Collection Services?

Do you have the necessary resources – time, transport, or workforce take your household waste to a local municipality dump or disposal facility? If some individuals do not access essential waste disposal resources often, they search for alternative options. However, some will take the initiative to toss their trash at illegal disposal sites. You’ll be amazed by the amount of trash in illegal dump sites throughout the United States.

Evidence reveals that around 1.5 million tons of garbage are dumped in unregulated areas yearly in the United States alone. The trash found at illegal dumping locations includes old furniture, appliances, containers, leftover food, building materials, toys, clothes, footwear grooming, grooming items, and tires.

To stop illegal waste disposal, We have partnered with local governments to offer affordable, accessible services for garbage collection. We are convinced that our garbage pickup service is helping to combat illegal dumping within our communities.

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