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Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal

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Kids will congregate with their classmates and enjoy hours of play at the park. Sliding, swiping, climbing, and circling are just a few things children can enjoy on playground equipment. Parents believe it is essential for their children to get enough exercise daily. To encourage their children to engage in physical activities by purchasing outdoor playsetsPlaysets for children come in various styles, including slides, swings, rock walls, monkey bars, basketball goals, and fire poles.

Playsets are a source of hours, weeks, months, and years of enjoyment for children of all ages. That’s fantastic; however, what happens when kids outgrow their playsets? When your child is at an age point and feels too old for the playset, your only choice is to get rid of the set. There are a variety of disposal options for used playsets. These options are outlined within the material that follows.

Playset Disposal Solutions

What happens when playsets deteriorate beyond what they are used for? Disposal is the only choice at this point. While the disposal is your only option, it can be split into several other options. They include recycling, donation, and landfill.

Playset Donation This is a good option for all preowned playsets, regardless of their condition. Some charities accept playsets that are in good operating condition. Some take playsets that are in fair and poor need, too. The old playsets will go to a thrift store where they will be sold to make a profit. The proceeds go to support the cause of the charity.

Specific nonprofit organizations will offer quality pre-owned playsets to families in need. Consumers can also donate their preowned playsets in good condition to friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members.

Some handymen go about their jobs collecting scrap metal from the past. These individuals will gladly collect your old set, provided its metal. They promote their service via local newspapers and online ads. Pick up a local newspaper to locate the contact details of a handyman seeking playsets and other metal equipment.

Playset Recycling

The majority of materials used to make playsets are recyclable. Find your nearest recycling center to determine what materials for playsets can be recycled. Any plastic or metal component is likely to bring in a good return. But, you might need to disassemble the playset day before recycling. Check if the playset is recyclable and whether it has to be removed before dropping off.

Playset Landfill Disposal

Most landfills accept old playsets. However, you may require disassembling the playset before your local landfill takes it in. US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” urges American consumers to look for safe alternatives to disposal other than dumps and landfills. Playsets end up in landfills and generate harmful greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

Beware of landfill disposal until it’s your last option.

Do-It-Yourself Playhouse Disassembly

If your playhouse has to be cut into smaller pieces, you’ll be accountable for the removal. It is good to know that disassembling an old playhouse does not need to be difficult or lengthy. But, the bigger the used playhouse, the longer the disassembly will be required to be completed. Prepare your tools for disassembly: the screwdriver set, hammer, socket, bar pry cutters, and pliers.

Beginning with the disassembly process, use the correct tools to take off the roof. Get rid of the swings, and then slide. Continue dismantling your playhouse, making sure that all parts are separated into pieces.

Take A Trampoline Apart In less than an hour.

The trampoline is yet another piece of playground equipment. If you intend to dispose of the trampoline at a local landfill, it must be disassembled before. Fortunately, trampoline disassembly does not require much effort. With the right tools, resources, mechanical skills, and experience, you can have your old trampoline disassembled in no time.

It is the first thing gathering your tools – hammer, pliers, pry bars, screwdriver set, socket set, and snips. The safety net should be removed and put in the non-recyclable pile. Unzip the foam and sleeve to access the frame pad. The pad can be taken apart from the trampoline frame.

Take off the safety pad to reach the t-anchors and the trampoline platform. Disassemble the metal poles to complete the process.

Disassemble A Swing Set

As with all large playground equipment, old swing sets must be fully disassembled before recycling. With the right tools, swing sets of all shapes and sizes can be dispersed in under an hour and a half. First, remove the swings to take them out of the way. Use a battery-powered drill to eliminate the bolts which connect the slide to the set of swings.

If the slides, swings, and monkey bars are disassembled, put them on top of the frame. This will allow the fastest and easiest access to the bolts and frame brackets. Continue removing the components until they’re all separated into pieces.

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